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Curb Appeal Starts Here

The best way to make a buyer “feel at home” is to create an environment similar to that found in model homes. Obviously you cannot ¬†recreate the feeling of a perfect display home without starting from scratch, but there are some valuable techniques to be learned here.

When walking into a model home you will notice several key points:

  • The surroundings are neutral.
  • The colors and interior decorating accent the home’s features.
  • The smell is new and clean.
  • The sound is either quiet or enhanced by subtle background music.
  • All details have been taken care of from sight to smell and lawn and entry ways are well cared for and bright and airy.
  • Make sure curb appeal is litter and debris free.
  • Sweep sidewalks and remove weeds
  • Freshly paint front door and fences … WD40 that squeaky gate you’ve been meaning to take care of.
  • A quick painting of your mailbox with clear address numbers is an often forgotten first impression.

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